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New videos every day we've been getting a lot of comments and requests and emails to do a video on healthy breakfast ideas but before we even get started I would like to ask you what you think are healthy breakfast ideas so if you would just take the time pause the video real quick let us know what you think is healthy because I'm real curious to see what you say and then once you leave your comments and your ideas go ahead and push play and watch the rest of the video because today we are talking about healthy breakfast ideas for anyone now I'm sure you've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I totally agree with that if you wake up in the morning you have basically gone through an eight-hour or more fast and your body needs to get replenished so that you can produce energy throughout the rest of the day so if you are one of those people that skips breakfast you really need to make an effort to start eating breakfast because you're missing out on a lot of the energy that your body can't make because you don't have any nutrients to make the energy from so go ahead and eat breakfast now before we get started about healthy breakfast I got to talk a little bit about the bad breakfast and the unhealthy breakfast that a majority of Americans eat so we got you know the ham and cheese croissants we from the fast food restaurants we have the bacon eggs cheese you know tons and tons of meats at breakfast we got the people that skip breakfast we have the people that drink coffee and don't eat anything we have the people that drink cokes and don't need anything we have people that stopped off at the donut shop to get donuts or claw cheese and so there's a ton of things out there that you can get quick easy convenient if you're you know running late or you just want something quick but that's where you can really make some dangerous decisions because it can affect your health so that's why we're going to talk about healthy options that are very quick and easy to make so I'm going to give you five healthy breakfast ideas and they are all under 400 calories and the important thing to know when you're eating breakfast is you want to have a balance of healthy carbohydrates healthy protein and healthy fats so that's what these five breakfast options have they're balanced they're healthy they're convenient because they're easy to make and they're definitely going to put you on the right path to start your day number one healthy breakfast choice is a smoothie now I did go into more detail in a different video called super healthy smoothie and actually make this movie in front of you so it's real easy to watch and to do it yourself and that smoothie is a little bit different than the one that I'm telling you today but basically you start off with 8 ounces of soy milk or some type of liquid whether you choose regular milk soy milk water flavored do you know some kind of fruit juice but make sure whether whatever liquid are using is not...